Shipping Policy

We are pleased to now offer FREE Standard Shipping on over 80% of our product line to all US and Canada residents (including Hawaii and Alaska) with tracking. However, at purchase you will have the option of choosing accelerated shipping methods, such as Priority Mail (2 – 3 Days Delivery) or Priority Mail Express (1 Day  Delivery-Guaranteed)… Note that there are additional costs for accelerated shipping options.

If you are outside the US or Canada, shipping charges will apply to your order at checkout (rates depends on your location). All orders are usually shipped within 1 business day after purchasing, but actual delivery date can be delayed up to 7+ days depending on certain conditions, such as carrier delays, severe weather, holidays and or holiday rush season.

Please keep in mind that the United States Postal Service (USPS) delivery times on both Standard Mail and Priority Mail are only estimates. And Champion Nutra LLC is not responsible for precise delivery times. Once you order is shipped, it is at the discretion of USPS for prompt delivery. Should they fail to deliver your package on-time, Champion Nutra LLC cannot and will not offer postage refunds on behalf of USPS for this reason. Once a postage is purchased and a package is shipped, USPS does not issue a refund for any reason (such as not delivering promptly), therefore we cannot offer postage refunds on USPS’s behalf for any reason as well.

Priority Mail Express is backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee by USPS exclusively. USPS does offer a guarantee on delivery time if you choose Priority Mail Express. But if you are calculating precise delivery times, please keep in mind to include that it takes us here at an average of 1 business day to process your order before sending to USPS for delivery. Once your order has been sent, delivery time will be calculated from the date they received your package. Also keep in mind if your purchase is made on a weekend, your order will not be sent to USPS until that Monday morning (or sometimes Tuesday if Monday is a holiday).

But if you are for any reason dissatisfied with delivery time or want to utilize the 100% money back guarantee (Priority Mail Express Only) provided by USPS, then call (1-800-275-8777) and provide them with your tracking numbers.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We understand that privacy and confidentiality is very important to some of our customers. Therefore we like to ensure that your order is shipped in a secure discreet package with information only related to your shipping address.

We will never write on a package that specifically identifies the content of your order. So know that anything purchased on our site will be shipped in non see-through packaging with information only related to shipping. And you will have no worries of another individual discovering the contents of your package by looking from the outside.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Packages

Although we do our best to ensure that your order is well-packaged when shipping, there’s still always a small risk that the mail carrier can lose or damage a package during transit, or also a small risk your package can be stolen once delivered.

Since we have no way controlling what happens once we ship your product, we cannot and will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged packages. But if you choose an expedited shipping option (such Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express) know that your order is insured and will be replaced if lost or damaged during transit. But this does not cover if your package was stolen AFTER being successfully delivered. If you require that your order “Require Signature” to be delivered, then you must select either choose the Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express shipping method (not available with our free shipping option) and then email us right away at to notify us that you require a signature upon delivery.

We have always maintained a 99.98% successful delivery rate on orders arriving to our customers without any issues. But there’s always that small chance, therefore we want to bring to your awareness the insurance that’s available with the Priority Mail shipping options, aside from faster arrival.

And should your package for any reason get lost in transit due to the carrier (USPS) we will replace your package right away (resend at no additional charge) and take up with USPS directly to investigate why your package was lost.

Order Tracking Information

Within 1 business day after your order has shipped, you will be provided tracking numbers via email so that you may promptly track the whereabouts of your package. If for some reason you did not receive your tracking information after 24 hours since being notified your package was shipped, please email us at and we will provide you your tracking information.